Breeze is the first drone released by Yuneec targeting the mass market with the price $499. Yuneec cut down on costs by opting to use smartphones (iOS and Android) as the controllers instead of having a dedicated remote control.

So the Yuneec Breeze drone is completely controlled with the Breeze Cam mobile app, offering several flight modes – Selfie, Follow Me, Orbit, Journey and Pilot—that will work both indoors or outdoors with the help of GPS and optical sensors.

The Breeze Cam mobile app also allows users to instantly share aerial photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp

With its connected Breeze Cam App, the Yuneec Breeze is able to work with a variety of automatic creative modes.

  • Selfie Mode keeps the drone in a single place, facing the user.
  • Pilot Mode allows full manual controls.
  • Orbit Mode has the drone circle any object.
  • Follow Me Mode makes the drone follow the user’s smartphone with GPS.
  • Journey Mode uses camera pitch to allow the user to make and view a trajectory for the drone to fly, reach a designated spot, and fly back to the user.

Yuneec employs what they call their Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to hold the Breeze drone in place either indoors or out.

Compared to the Phantom 3 series, despite being introduced 20 months ago, has blossomed into a mature and reliable platform with many 3rd party accessories and apps. The prices have come down while the capabilities have increased (due to apps and some DJI improvements). This being the case – it’s hard to come up with a better value than the Phantom 3 series. The Standard is for the (relative) beginner who is on a budget and wants to get his or her feet wet in aerial photography – while the Advanced and Pro models have advanced features that still keep the competition on the ropes. Many experts claim DJI is 2+ years ago of most other camera drone makers – and the P3 line seems to prove that point.

Breeze is considered a selfie drone and is made for those who belong in the social media generation. This seems to fall in competition with the Phantom 3 Standard. Both are completely different designed. The Breeze’s camera is in the body of the aircraft. But the Phantom 3 Standard has a more traditional gimbal which can produce better image. And at the same time, Phantom 3 Standard has longer flight time and farther controlling distance.